Analyttica Treasurehunt: Experiential data science learning platform.

My roles & responsibilities
UX Consulting, Conducting workshop, Conducting research, UX strategy, Problem solving

Ishraq, Shavak, Rajiv, Shreya, Anand, Sathish, Radha, Gowthami

Design outcome 
Workshop strategy document, Wireframe, Visual Design, Html/CSS

About the product (Analyttica treasure hunt)
Analyttica is a data analytics consulting company, In their experience of running a consulting company they realised that analytical training and development was a big challenge most people faced. Not only are the solutions fragmented, training takes time and a lot of effort, whether it is a fresher or an experienced individual. To solve this problem, the team decided to work on an integrated solution, that not only made analytics simpler but also made learning easier. They also knew the current format of learning data analytics focused less in concept learning & focused more on tool learning. They decided to make the learning a simulated experience rather than a textual based learning. Client had build a product which they were unable to sell, since the product lacked UX greatly. Showing few sample of screens before design.

Current product status
The current product was a an experience catastrophe, it lacked greatly in all aspects of user experience. This when the business decided to engage design agency. Showing few sample of screens before design.

I facilitated the workshop with stake holders of the product. From the business the CEO,CTO, marketing head & few other data analysts were part of the workshop. Workshop was 3 day activity, we were able to gather all the insights required for us to get started with the design. Activities started with a knowledge transfer the business side and & continued with user persona understanding, user journey map, scenario exploration, Information architecture & parallel product study. Post the workshop we did shadowing with few of the data analysts to understand how they work & day in off a data analyst.

Based on the insights, we defined 4 types of user persona who access the system.

Mapping out product usage scenarios is another activity that was done during the work shop. Intent was to identify unique product usage scenarios other than the most obvious ones. Every participant in the workshop contributed with a scenario that they have either encountered or they have visualised.

Once we identified few of the product usage scenarios, we then maped user journey’s for the identified ones. This was again a collaborative exercise with the business team.

we also studied some of the parallel products to draw parallels if it existed. Part of the last day in the workshop we mapped out current information architecture identified information grouping issues & created a new information architecture for the product.


Post information architecture we started doodling concepts to explore different design directions. we created a set of concepts which was presented to the business later. Below are some of the doodles explored.

Once the decision on a design direction was decided, the team started detailing out the wireframe.


What we shipped