Figo : Market place for data roaming plans

My roles & responsibilities
Laying the foundation for a new product, UX Consulting, Conducting workshop, UX strategy, Problem solving, Team management

Hari nallan, Shavak Tanwar, Gaurav Shravage

Design outcome 
Workshop strategy document, Wireframe, Design style guide, Visual Design, Style guide

About the product 
Product was intended to be a marketplace to buy data plans. It was fresh concept which had no parallels to compare, when the design was executed in 2015. Product existed in apple & play store for about 3 years before they sold the business to one of the telecom giant. The Silicon Valley based start up is continuing to innovate in other areas of Telecom industry.

I co-facilitated the workshop with stake holders of the product. Since there were no existing reference we had to build the product from ground up. We had to define the workflows, derive at a data hierarchy to accommodate pre purchase & post purchase scenarios. The workshop included steps to understand the users, their environment, and later go on to listing scenarios and workflows and the information architecture.

Based on the insights, we defined 3 types of user persona. Stories were outlined taking into consideration each of the user personas.The storyboards were outlined with important touch points and user concerns and expectations.

Scenario mapping: This activity was performed to capture each scenario mapped with tasks and goals related to the scenario. Touch points of the user were captured to get an understanding of the desired application. Task Flow is a sequence of events and actions that are performed to accomplish a goal.


Globetouch’s team + Think Design’s participants worked together to mould information architecture. Information aarchitecture was performed to define, structure and build of the app:

Screen map

What we shipped