Playablo: Gamified learning platform for children.

My roles & responsibilities
Laying the foundation for a new product, UX Consulting, Conducting workshop, UX strategy, Problem solving, Team management

Shavak Tanwar, Tushar Krishnan, Meenakshi Vinod, Komal Sharma, Divyasree Chemburulu

Design outcome 
Workshop strategy document, Wireframe, Design style guide, Visual Design, Html/CSS

About the product (Playablo)
Playblo helps children make their play time into a fun learning experience. Platform offers learning school syllabus through interactive quizzes & games. This is a singular platform which connect children & parents together, Both the actors co exist. Platform was completely built ground up. Product was build around a learning concept called as “Blooms Taxonomy” (which emerged during the design workshop) to promote higher order thinking progressing from Lower order Thinking. To engage the kids the entire product is architected like a game in order to bring sense of achievement at every interaction the child has with the product.

I facilitated the workshop with stake holders of the product o understand the proposition, clarify vision, empathise with users, chart journey maps and create alignment across Business, Design and Technology teams. Workshop was followed up with desktop research for creating reward system.

Based on the insights, we defined 3 types of user persona who access the product.

We captured unique scenarios to understand how the product shall be used. Product usage in each of those scenarios were further detailed to understand the user journey’s.

Since the gamification was a core part of the whole product usage experience, Strategy of gamification was critical activity. We along with the business co created the strategy for gamification.

What we shipped